Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praise the Lord

I don't know when exactly it started, but for the last few years when I hear a siren or see emergency personnel rushing by I cross myself and say "Lord have mercy" for whatever the emergency might be. A little while ago I heard a siren and my five year old called very loudly from the back seat "Praise the Lord!" as he crossed himself. Of course we all chuckled. He now alternates between "Praise the Lord!" and "Thank God!" when they pass. It is such a sweet innocent thing. But if I think about it a little I do think there are lessons that can be learned from that little mix-up in phrasing.

There are usually one or two (or 50!) little emergencies in our home daily. Anything from something broken (feelings, toys...bones!) to emotional meltdowns as a result of traumatic pasts and hormonal presents. When I hear all the "sirens" go off throughout my home all throughout the day I rarely stop and praise the Lord or even ask for His mercy. That might be a good thing to start and then perhaps when I arrive on the scene of the accident I might have the presence of mind to respond instead of react. And when there is screaming or crying or fighting or...sigh...even whining, if I could cross myself and say "Praise the Lord!" just maybe I could look past the chaos and rejoice in the blessed (albeit LOUD) child the Lord has blessed me with.

Yes, Lord, have mercy! May His Name be glorified! I do thank Him and praise Him for each child and the husband and pitiful me. May we embrace the grace He grants us as we walk in His ways! -Amen