Monday, June 27, 2011


You know it's going to be a long day when it starts with a sigh :) We are trying to figure out what combination of activities, exercises, supplements and meds are going to help my brown boy in his quest to control his mouth and body. This is a slow process and my patience and understanding account can't always sustain the withdrawals he makes on them. Would I trade any of it? No. The deposits he makes are made with hugs and a contagious laugh. He likes to cuddle and ask my what my favorite part of the day was.

But you know what, if working with my children through their emotional or physiological trials is my cross to bear I bear it gladly. It's hard to remember "the joy set before me" when we are right in the middle of the chaos, but in the quite moments (what are those?!) I do remember why we do what we do and feel so blessed to be part of God's plan for my children.

May we mama's help our little ones come to Christ and not hinder them. Even though the path for some may be steeper than it is for others, praise God for the journey :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Struggles are sometime harder when one believes progress is being made then finds it was a very temporary respite. In that brief moment it is tempting to indulge in that respite, letting down your guard. But the demons never sleep. The Devil is never on holiday. Instead we must learn to use that time to "gird our loinas", mend our armor through prayer and stand at the ready with right faith, understanding the whole time that it is only through Christ we are able to stand.

May we cling to the mighty right hand of Christ Himself. Amen.