Saturday, September 3, 2011

Worshipping from the Narthex

It was a long but beautiful day.  Much cooler than it's been for weeks.  His Grace Bishop BASIL was in attendance and it was so sweet to watch him bless the children.  He's such a big papa bear with children, if that's okay to say:) 

The children played on the playground, drank too much soda and, most importantly, missed naps.  This last bit didn't matter much while the playground was available.  The children played happily enough, but then it was time for church. No more smiles and giggles.  Sweat and dirt streaked faces bobbling back and forth as unhappy children entered the sanctuary.  The sugar crash was beginning.  As the singing increased so did the siren like whine escaping our youngest guy's throat.  Little eyebrows knit together and nothing on the planet entertaining enough to occupy his exhausted mind. 

So off to the narthex we go.  Out to sit on an uncomfortable chair with an unhappy baby.  Yet the words "Lord have mercy" still reached my ears.  "Amen" still escaped from my lips.  I crossed myself on the inside though my hands weren't available.  And this little one absorbed it all too.  God's word says that His words will not return to him empty but accomplish the purpose for which it was sent (Isaiah 55) and I believe this happens for mamas in the narthex, or the cry room or anywhere else where we only hear wisps of the Word while tending our little ones. 

God is there, even in the narthex:)  He is still ministering to the mama soul tending the little ones He's given us.  He doesn't forget about us even there.  Enjoy those moments and as we sit on the outskirts let us rejoice in those inconvenient times.  When we can accept where we are, THERE we are worshipping our Lord.