Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Mommy Sized Tantrum

Did you know that mom's can still throw tantrums? They're not just little glitches that happen in the minds and attitudes of children. Of course, mom's make their justifications sound much more sophisticated...maybe even "spiritual". And I can justify my tantrums away because I'm just "discussing" things with my husband that he "needs" to hear. I'm a heavenly messenger, if you will. But I throw my tantrums for the exact same reasons my young ones throw theirs. I WANT MY WAY! I MAY BE WRONG BUT I'M MORE RIGHT THAN YOU! IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!! ME! ME! ME! And then we expect our children to simply obey because we say so:) We are adults in the world, but we are still but children in God's family.

Oh, may the Lord's mercy fall on this mama. Our children need to see us working out our salvation with fear and trembling. To see us fall and seek the Lord for our resurrection. Then, perhaps, inch by inch we'll gain ground, by the grace of God, on our long journey heavenwards. Perhaps our humility will bring our children to rely on the Lord and His strength and surrender their wills to Him.

"He that wrestles is still held fast, but it is enough for him that he has not fallen. When we depart hence, then, and not till then, will the glorious victory be achieved. For instance, take the case of some evil lust. The extraordinary thing would be, not even to entertain it, but to stifle it. If, however, this be not possible, then though we may have to wrestle with it, and retain it to the last, yet if we depart still wrestling, we are conquerors." St. John Chrysostom

Blessed be the Name of the Lord

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