Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Humility Stings

Here is the end of yesterday's story.

I actually went to bed at my newly appointed 10 o'clock bed time (yay!) but didn't sleep well. I'm one of those people who can have 499 people happy with me but if #500 is not happy with me I dive into despair head first. So the knowledge that there was no positive closure between me and my neighbors sat heavily upon my...stomach, because that's where it seems to settle. I also tend to obsess over things like this and have a constant running commentary going through my mind about what I should say, what they might say back, etc. The problem with that is, IT'S NOT REAL! They may or MAY NOT follow the script that I've penned in my brain. I prayed for them...not the "Lord change them" prayer, but that the Lord would bless them and prosper them. And to my surprise, I really meant it!

I baked bread today and thought perhaps a warm loaf of fresh ground whole wheat bread could serve as a peace offering (much tastier than a white flag). I headed over there and knocked at the door. No answer. I left with the plan to try again later. Three times I went back and no one answered. As the bread cooled, my resolve got weaker and weaker. I took the baby with me two of the times for surely no one would be mean to a woman holding an infant. Finally, I peaked over the fence and saw a sure sign of life. I grabbed the bread and headed over. Alone. Thankfully the Lord blessed me by having the lady of the house answer the door. I apologized again for my sons actions and let her know I was a Momma who disciplines her children when they do wrong and that...I couldn't believe I said this part...I didn't vote for Obama and I'm not "one of those liberal parents who doesn't think their child could ever do any wrong" (where did that come from...perhaps my fear that race might have something to do with their strong reaction to yesterdays events...I'm a coward, I know). I didn't restate my sentiments from the day before because those words had already been spoken. What didn't seem to get across to them yesterday was the fact that I agreed with them that my boys committed a "misdemeanor" of sorts and needed to be responsible for their actions. She thanked me for making the extra effort and took my peace offering and we parted, not as friends, but at least as cordial neighbors.

Humility stings because I want so much not only to be right but to have others acknowledge that I'm right, or at least less wrong than they are. But if my Lord can humble Himself to be born in a stable and die naked on a cross for me...I think I can muster the humility to offer the bread of peace to my neighbor. We're all neighbors after all :)


  1. I'm going to have to meet your neighbor and let her know that I'm your mother and that I voted for Obama.

  2. LOL! yeah, well...I love you anyway :)