Thursday, January 20, 2011


For some reason my children don't think they can be heard at bedtime. They get so engaged in their play or discussions they aren't aware of the volume level. I have always found a way to sneak down and listen in to get a glimpse into the heart of my children.

Tonight I snuck down the stairs because I heard talking coming from the boys room. I stood in the shadows by the door and listened. My eldest son was talking with our foster guy about a variety of things, very trivial at first. Still I waited and listened instead of going forward with my surprise attack and boy was I glad I did. My eldest asked Foster Guy if he liked me. Foster Guy answered "No". Oldest asked why and Foster Guy explained that he didn't like that I "get him in trouble when he steals things." Oldest became very passionate about the fact that Foster Guy shouldn't steal and that he shouldn't speak badly about me because the Bible says that it shows a parents love for her children when she disciplines them and that the Bible says to obey those in charge of you and that stealing is wrong and that we should "love our enemies". What a blessed moment for Mama. My "honor" was defended by my oldest boy!

I did eventually make my presence known when they started talking about nothing in particular again:)

Over the years I've seen other people's children behave well in front of others and have believed them to be nearly flawless. I've wondered why my children couldn't be a little more like those well behaved children. Later my children inform me that they don't like hanging out with those other children because they are so rude to each other when their parents aren't around or they have heart issues their parents aren't aware of. Then I realize I'd rather know up front what I'm up against :) Through this evenings events I think I will try to be patient with my children as they are learning to follow the Lord and thank God they aren't hiding who they are under false humility or good deeds to simply be seen by others. They are themselves and I am honored to be their mom...even when my "sneaking" doesn't come up with such blessed moments :)

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