Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Walk to the Finish Line

"I do so want God’s will. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else." ~Kh. Terry Beck

My friend is dying.  My strong, godly, amazing friend.  When I lived in California she was my walking buddy.  Up at 5:30 am she was my faithful companion, even when I wasn't faithful.  We had some great conversations on those walks.  We talked about memories, challenges, victories. We shared recipes, parenting tips, writing suggestions. 

Those walks stopped in 2008 when we moved to Colorado. THOSE walks stopped, but we did not stop walking.  We have continued to pray for each other and face challenges.  I've heard of victories, felt encouraged by her parenting tips and writing suggestions.  When she told me they saw a spot on her pancreas I had a sinking feeling.  I just knew it was going to be bad.  And it is. 

When she turned 50 she had a celebration of life as she embarked on the journey of being an "older woman".  Each person present told a story or shared how she had impacted their life.  Each of us had a rose which was place on a wire and the wire was turned into a wreath for her.  Well now she finds herself in the middle of life's greatest transition.  The body pleading to live and the will and mind learning to surrender to her God and Savior.  She has run the race, she has followed the path and though the finish line includes carrying that daily cross, I am confident she will be welcomed by her Lord.  He will say of her "well done my good and faithful servant".  In her lifetime she has taken the talents the Lord has given her and more than doubled them.  She has been the Proverbs 31 woman providing for her family and her husband is honored at the gates because of her.  She has been an amazing example of providing a home for the "fatherless" and caring for God's children.  She has rejoiced with those rejoicing and mourned with those who mourned.  She has been aware of her flaws and shortcomings and endeavored to repeatedly die to herself and follow Him. 

The Bible tells us to run with perseverance the race set before us. Usually I say we are running buddies in this race of life for the Salvation of our souls. In this case, due to pain and fatigue, we are walking buddies. If the walking gets too difficult I will crawl with her and when she can not move the prayers of all who love her will push her inch by in toward the finish line.

Dear Lord grant Terry the strength to endure to the end and like Aaron and Hur holding up the hands of Moses for Israel's victory, let us support her on each side with prayer until you call her home.  Amen.

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