Thursday, October 31, 2013


Don't those words just give you the warm fuzzies?  I have heard those words from each of my three oldest boys at one time or another.  Today my 9 year old said to my husband, "I hope you die!".  Yep, it's days like this it's a joy to be a parent.  Of course I'm being a little sarcastic.  The funny thing is both my husband and I just kind of shrugged our shoulders as I continued to clean up the human poop I had just found on the TV room carpet, and he went back to making sure the Littles weren't breaking anything.  Our girls NEVER said the words "I hate you".   They never said they wished we were dead.  Now, they may have thought it, but they never said it. 

So why didn't we freak out or give this child 30 to life in his bedroom? You see, a few years ago every toy bin in the playroom would have been overturned.  Every picture on the wall torn down.  The doors to the entertainment center might have been torn off, or at least an attempt would have been made.  We would have had to do a therapeutic hold which would require me to physically restrain him for 30-45 minutes or more during which time he would be hurling insults and threats and searching for a way to escape so he could cause more damage.  Eventually he would calm down.  Eventually he would want to be held or rocked.  He didn't like when his body went berserk.  In a way, when he escalated, he was along for the ride not knowing what the outcome would be. 

 But today he just said words.  Nothing got destroyed, nor has it for some months!  Progress is being made!  It's still a steep hill with many valleys and seemingly insurmountable peaks, but we're still walking.  We haven't stalled out on the side of the trail in despair.  It isn't because I always respond correctly or with calm every time.  No, it can only be because the Lord provides strength for each step.  

"Do not be cast down over the struggle- the Lord loves a brave warrior. The Lord loves the soul that is valiant" -St. Siloan the Athonite


  1. Amen Lisa! Of course when he was wound up tight later in the evening it was all I could do to not lose it, but it's one moment at a time, one victory at a time :)