Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Praying for Friends

When my children were little I'd ask them to pray for all sorts of things. If I lost my keys, which was very often, we would all pray together and rejoice and give the glory to the Lord when they were found. There have been so many of those moments over the years. Finding shoes, praying for a home for a lost puppy, praying there would be enough food in those early extrememly financially tight days:) And through those prayers they were able to see the Lord work in many mysterious ways.

Those "car key" moments really were instrumental in preparing my daughters to pray for very serious situations that have arisen(the boys are still finding car keys...or hiding them...). It is such a blessing to be able to share my heart or share the burden someone else is bearing and see their willingness to be co-laborers in Christ. Those "little" prayers have been slowly preparing them to truly intercede on behalf of those who are experiencing sorrow or loss. They help stand in the gap for those who are opressed. Though some of the requests are troubling I find them faithfully praying through the night for the suffering. What an honor to behold this amazing growth in their lives.

I look forward also to how these bigger situations will prepare them for the future. Maybe this will strengthen them for their years as wives and mothers praying for protection over their families and strength for their husbands. Perhaps they will do better than I have and have a stronger foundation which will motivate them to seek Christ immediately when trouble arises and to glorify His name when there is no trouble in sight. Perhaps they will retain some of that "car key" faith as they enter adulthood and face new challenges and attacks from the enemy of man's soul. Perhaps they will have the courage to be soldiers for Christ because they had their first experiences in faith finding lost shoes.

No moment is lost when teaching our children. It may not seem important but it is truly like building a house. From the outside the framing and drywall, windows and roof may seem most important and what's holding it all together. Yet none of it could stand, at least not for long, if not for a secure foundation. And may the Lord grant me the strength to keep building into the lives of my children until all my "little houses" are complete:)

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  1. You are an awesome mommy! Keep on praying and training your children. You are doing a great job.
    Love ya!