Friday, March 26, 2010

Transition! (and roller coasters)

I just hear the Fiddler on the Roof music in my head but instead of Tradition it's Transition ( my kids stare at me blankly as I walk dow. Everyone in my house is transitioning one way or another. Some are still transitioning from the move from CA to CO. Some are transitioning from teen-hood to adulthood. Some are transitioning from temporary members of our family to permenant members (woo hoo!). Some are transitioning as they learn to process information differently to make their lives easier. The baby is transitioning right before our eyes from the quite little cutie who just stared blankly to a real little person who can really interact with her surroundings.

Somehow growing up I had this false idea that as a Christian it was possible to "arrive". You know what I mean. To get to that place of spiritual success coupled with just the right amount of Holy humility. On the one hand we were always told that we never "arrive" this side of heaven, but then there would be some big deal made over a book or speaker or type of prayer that would change our lives. It was always implied that if you read the book, listened to the speaker or prayed the prayer you would "arrive". "If you can just apply these three pricipals"... Our life in Christ is all about transitions. The simple act of learning is transitioning from ignorance to knowledge. These transitions are not one time events. Each day we die to self and pick up our cross we are transitioning from the old man to the new man.

With all these transitions taking place constantly in our lives it can feel like a driverless car careening out of control as we sit helplessly duct taped to the passengers seat screaming for our lives! (okay that might just be me...especially the duct tape part...) But it doesn't have to be that way. I see it more as a roller coaster I've never been on before. Some of the twists and turns are familiar, I can remember them from other rides. Some of the loops and tunnels throw me for a loop because I either didn't see it coming or it seems too dark for there to be any way light will be present on the other side. There are those relaxing times when you just lay back and let the roller coaster climb and the surprise of the big drop that always seems to show up just when you were starting to get comfortable. But what we need to remember about the roller coaster is that the engineer who designed it designed to with each of us in mind. Each one has the perfect specifications to inspire growth, humility, peace and obedience (keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times). Each "transition" in the track, as it curves and loops, is preparing us for that glorious end when we can finally meet that Engineer and thank Him personally for His amazing design. From ground level you just can't imagine how gravity is going to hold you on that ride, but His designs are flawless:)

May God grant us the strength to stay on the ride, accept the transitions and embrace Him with joy at the end of the ride!

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