Saturday, August 13, 2011

Name Change

When I went to the St. Paisius Monastery this past May I was drawn to the icon of the Annunciation of the Theotokos.  Seeing the young Mary listen to the words of the Arch Angel sent from God and accept what was asked of her with humility and was inspiring. 

I have heard it said that mother's experience an asceticism of their own.  Like the monks and nuns who selflessly serve the Lord through their daily rule and extensive prayer, mother's sacrifice their lives for the good of their home and children and learn to depend on Christ for their strength.  It is a lifelong rule, even when the children are grown, as those heart strings never break and we are bound to, at the very least, pray for the souls of our children.  I am certain those monks and nuns who fight the invisible enemy can find themselves weary and, at times, at the very edge of despair. We mothers also fight the invisible enemy as he tries to snatch away our children, our time, our focus... and yet we hold on and scuff our knees and bathe our cheeks with tears for the sake of our children. 

So I thought a name change was in order. Nearly19 years ago I accepted the call the Lord placed on my life to be a wife and mother.  What a high calling and how unworthy I am. 

I'm not a funny writer...most of the time I'm just writing about the challenges in my little family monastery called home, but it does help me keep my sanity on those days when the most joyful time of the day is when my little ones are tucked in and fast asleep...they look so precious I can almost forget the broken lamp, spilled dog food, silverware taken and fashioned into some sort of medieval weapon...almost :)

May we walk in the strength of Christ as we live the ascetic lives of mothers.  Amen.

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