Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Balemtimes Day!

It will start at 8:00 am tomorrow morning and be over by 8:30 am.  We are cleaning and dusting and painting, but somehow there are still finger prints and signs of eleven people living in our house.  Our appraiser comes tomorrow morning so we can, hopefully, refinance to lower our interest rate.  But how can we accomplish all we have to do? Just today there is occupational therapy for one of the two year olds, a visit for the 5 month old, a sick 17 year old, doctors appointment for the 8 year old, plus schooling at home and picking up from school.  There still needed to be breakfast and we must have lunch and some sort of edible something for dinner.

Today is Valentines Day and all this craziness is proof that there is love in my home.  When people think of the Valentine's Day kind of love it is usually the smooshy romantic gooey kind of "love".  Those can be very strong feelings but that is not love.  Love is cleaning the goobers out of my 10 year old's eyes and prying his eye open so I can administer eye drops.  It is holding the door open on a very cold day for my husband to be able to make accurate markings for the doggy door.  Love is my wonderful godly husband standing in the middle of a mess in the living room to pray and later taking the busy 8 year old with him to Home Depot so I can get more things done.  Love is my 15 year old burping a baby she knows will spit up on her and telling each of the little loud cranky two year olds that they're cute.  It is my 19 year old dropping her siblings off at school each morning and calling before she goes out to make sure we don't need help with something.  Love is my 12 year old taking a moment to tell his sister "good job" when she has gotten a good grade on her report or telling me I'm beautiful when my hair looks like a large brown brillo pad and I haven't showered in several days. And love is my 10 year old making sure his younger brother got a Valentine even though he doesn't go to day school.

I have a sign that says Love is Spoken Here...I always add "Loudly". Sometimes I forget what love looks like in the middle of all the chaos, but it is here and it is big and it sure is welcome :)

May your day be full of the LOVE of Christ!  And as my 8 year old says "Happy Balemtime's Day!"

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