Friday, February 15, 2013

Pole Dancing!

So, dear friends, the appraiser came.  He was very nice and thankfully he has two sons of his own because my 8 year old followed him around the house with his mouth going probably two miles a minute.  My son showed the appraiser the plans we have for our micro farm and told him if he didn't score us well we'd end up on the street (thank you 10 year old brother!). It was amazing what my son fit into a 10 minute interaction.  Up to this point while he had been talking this poor man's ear off he had not said anything particularly shocking.  But we weren't finished yet.

I learned a lot about appraisals and how FHA guidelines differed from conventional guidelines.  I learned what a conforming window really meant and what actually counted as a bedroom.  We were almost free and clear but just as he was slipping on his shoes to leave my son said "I want to be a pole dancer when I grow up." WHAT?!  Then he added enthusiastically, "And my oldest sister told me she secretly wants to be one too!" The man just looked at me and smiled and told me it was okay before he headed out the door.  I asked my son if he even knew what a pole dancer was.  "It's someone who dances on a pole." Hmmmm.  "Like at the circus where they climb up and down the pole and do tricks?" I asked.  "Yeah, just like that!"  Of course the appraiser didn't get to hear that part.  All that poor man knows is that we are a extra large family with children who aspire to be pole dancers!

Thank you Lord for the innocence of my son!  I hope you enjoy this little chuckle today!