Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Dead Shall Arise

Fr. Matthew Baker, Presbytera Katherine and their 6 children.  Memory Eternal!
Have you ever been in a situation where you feel a close connection to a situation you've never experienced or a person you've never met?  We can feel that what when we watch the news or listen to a friend who is a great story teller invite you into a conversation, event or even introduce you to a "friend" making you feel as though you've known them a lifetime. 

Two weeks ago I met a family.  Unfortunately the "meeting" took place under very tragic circumstances.  Fr. Matthew Baker was killed in a auto accident as he was traveling home in the snow with his 6 children on the Sunday of Orthodoxy.  I saw the gofundme campaign on facebook almost immediately after the accident and started praying for this family.  I was amazed as I saw the outpouring of love and compassion toward the Bakers as people from far and near sent their words of encouragement, prayer and financial support.  

In one of the updates Presbytera Katherine shared a very honest question:

"Because of our lifestyle of poverty I am sure we were preserved a hundred times from such calamities and tragedies over the years. But the mystery is why this one was allowed to touch us. Why just now? Why just when he was beginning to do what he had set out to do? I don't know. But I hope that it will become clear in the future."

This is a family that trusts God with everything! This tragedy makes no sense to anyone, but God knows all!  I am struck by how many people this blessed man and his family have touched over the last 20 days.  According to gofundme alone there have been 14,000 shares and 6113 people stepping up to help financially.  All of these people have been pulled into a very intimate conversation with the Baker family.  We have been allowed to weep with people we've never met.  We have been invited to scuff our knees on their behalf.  We have met someone we may not have met under other circumstances.  Not to say that God wanted tragedy to hit this family, but it is further proof that truly ALL things work together for the good of those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

I was blessed to see another thoughtful post by Presbytera Katherine:
"Yesterday morning, early I was working at the computer in my husbands office when I heard little feet running toward me. My four year old ran in the room and looked around and then looked at me happy and expectant: "Did Daddy rise from the dead?" and I responded as I have several mornings since the accident, "No, not today but he will. It will seem to take a long time to us, but he will." completely undaunted he smiles and saunters out. I suddenly realize that each morning he has been looking for the resurrection of his father. The story of Christ's resurrection is so real to him, he sees it as something that could happen any day and probably in the morning. I suppose we could smile at his immaturity but I wonder if that is not the better attitude to have. Maybe this is what Christ meant when he said that we must, "become like a little child."

Oh the faith of a child!  This four year old has no doubt whatsoever that his daddy will rise from the dead.  The faith of this little one is encouraging the faith of thousands. And we will wait with them for that blessed day when Christ calls us to Himself.    As Presbytera Katherine says, "It will seem to take a long time to us, but he will [arise]."  In the Canon of Holy Saturday we sing, "The dead shall arise, those in the tombs shall awake, and all those on earth shall greatly rejoice." Let us not forget to pray for this dear family!  They have become "friends" and as Christians we really are family. 

Here is a link to their campaign please consider sending support in the form of prayer, words of encouragement and financial gifts if possible.  Raising 6 children won't be easy!

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