Saturday, October 3, 2009

Don't say "just" when it comes to children

Being a mother of a few more than the national average, I'm often surprised at the response I get from the "one and done" or "two and through" crowd. I'm not so surprised when they say "oh I could never do what you do! I have enough trouble with the two I have." But I am surprised when they timidly reveal how many children they have by saying, "I just have one" or "I just have two." There is never a "just" when it comes to children. Whether you have one or 69 (world record) you have a high calling as a wife and mother. You are responsible for training and directing a little soul for Christ. Having children is not a race to see how many "warriors" we can pop out for Christ, but to receive with gladness whom He chooses to give us and prepare them to be in this world but not of it. The mother of John the Baptist had no less of a calling and responsibility than the mother of Samuel or Judah. We are running a race as Christians and we are told to run with perseverance the race set before us. We may be running the race with strollers or ergos. We may be making hard choices in our parenting and running with a reluctant child slowing the pace, but we keep moving forward toward the goal. Some of our children will be our running mates, others will stand at the starting line for a long time before daring to truly enter the race. "He who wrestles is still held fast, but it is enough for him that he has not fallen. When we depart hence, then, and not til then, will the glorieous victory be achieved. For instnace, take the case of some evil lust (or other passion). The extraordinary thing would be not event o entertain it, but to stifle it. If, however, this be not possible, then though we ma have to wrestle with it and retain it to the last, yet if we depart still wrestling we are conquerors." ~St. John Chrysostom. So whether you have one or many, run with perseverence for your salvation and to lead whomever Christ has placed in your care to a living relationship with Him.

May Christs peace reign in your heart and home

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