Friday, October 2, 2009

A mom by any other name...

There are many endearing names children call their mothers. I was called "Honey" by my eldest until she was 5 because that's what daddy called me. My second one called me "Money" for a while because she couldn't decide whether she wanted to call me Honey or Mommy. When our two forever boys came the older called me mom and the younger wanted to call me Isabella, even though my name is Annalisa. He chose Super Mom for a while and has finally settled on Mommy or Mom. Occasionally I get the Mama or "Hey!" But they're all sweet words. Now keep in mind this is what I'm called in my own house. When I go out with all of my children I am called other names. Most popular is The Old Woman in the Shoe. I know other Mama's of many who have been ridiculed for their large brood with people even going so far as to place birth control pills on their front porch. Does it bother me? Not really. Maybe the "old" part:) I think I'm in good company. I think of Abraham and Sarah... The Old Woman in the Tent. Then there's Zechariah and Elizabeth...The Old Woman in the Temple. And finally Mary the mother of our Lord...the Young Woman and the Scandal. But with all of the challenges that came with these miraculous births blessings abounded even to the Salvation of our souls!

So here is a new version of the rhyme.
There was a sweet mama who lived in a shoe
She was blessed with many children and knew just what to do
She taught them of Jesus and made them warm bread
Then kissed them all gently and sang them to bed

May you be blessed!

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