Friday, October 9, 2009

Six Sick Kids

Is it the title of a new Dr. Seuss book.

1 kid - 2 kids
sick kid - flu kid

No, it is the story of my day. All six of my children are in somewhere in the flu maze. Some very sick, some recovering. Some take illness well and become quieter and more thoughtful. Some have to be...well...quarantined to another part of the house for the good of all :) I'm tending their sickness with home remedies. The cats are playing. The chickens are gathered under the heat lamp in the barn (it's cccooolllddd outside!). There's just something so nice about caring for the needs of my family with what I'm able to produce myself. The chicken soup, the elderberry syrup, cough tincture, all made here with my own hands. I am also thankful that we live in a time where other alternatives are available if the need arises and that I don't have to watch my little ones perish from easily remedied complications.

Praise be to our Lord the Great Physician!


  1. I so needed to hear this today!! You are a blessing, and an amazing mentor!! I love you much, sister! Blessings and peace to you always!

  2. OK, I am a doof. I was trying to post this to the blog about being a submissive wife. Don't know how my comment ended up here. I will say it again---I am a doof!! LOL