Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad News

No, not about our family, so don't worry. I had the unfortunate opportunity to watch part of the evening news tonight. Within five minutes we covered the disappearance and possible discovery of the body of a young teen who'd gone missing two weeks ago on her way to a birthday party. We heard about the body of a young child found in an abandoned apartment. We saw homeless teens featured in a public interest segment and even the weather showed the possibility of more dangerous weather.

How I wish there was more I could do to help. I wish I could comfort the family of the missing girl or could have somehow helped that poor child they found. I wish I could just open my home up to all the homeless teens and children and babies. I wish I could care for teen moms and help them through the maturing process that must now be jump started prematurely. Sometimes I feel like Oskar Schindler who at the end of the war wondered who else he could have saved if he'd just sold his gold ring or car or... I understand that the Lord has not called me to all of it, but He has given me a sensitive heart and with that gift comes some responsibility as well. Yes, we do foster care and in that way we are doing a small part in taking care of the "orphans" in our community. But I can also pray and I can work with my children to help them have a heart for the hurting so that perhaps some day they will be like Isaiah in Isaiah 6:8 calling to the Lord when they hear His voice "here am I, send me."

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