Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There's Just Something About...

There is just something about a clean kitchen. I don't mind if there are still dishes in the sink because they won't all fit in one dishwasher load. I don't care that the floor isn't mopped yet (that's tomorrow's job). I don't even mind the few stacks of "things" on the counters because they're all in the correct "things" piles.

Staying awake until...well...too late is worth it most nights if I can make my counters shine. If I can get all the crud scraped off and wash and wipe until I can see my refection...ugh! Is that me?! I need a shower...never mind, the kitchen is clean!

Today was an interesting "everything" kind of day. You know the kind. There are 365 days in a year and everything has to happen on THIS day. First my wonderful dear friend came over for the day just in time for me to dash out the door leaving foster babe and child #5 behind while I raced to drop off child #1 for class and the doctor for child #6. Then there was occupational therapy for both #6 and #4 while having to make sure #1 got picked up from classes and #'s 2 and 3 got dropped off in a timely manner. I then raced back to pick up #4 from OT because, of course, he and #6 don't have appointments at the same time, that would be too easy. I then headed back to the house to make a quick lunch and hurry back out to pick up #'s 2 & 3 from their classes. My dear friend and I had a fun time, those 3 1/2 minutes we actually got to talk :). Our respite was short lived because child #2 had to go back to class for an assembly. While trying to pack all the kids in the cars to drop off #2 we found that our dog count was down. You see, Dear Friend had brought her adorable two puppies (and even cuter 3 little boys and little brother) to liven our home up a bit. So, 5 dogs turned to 4 dogs and we just couldn't find the little runaway. We headed to the park, while child #2 went to her assembly, where Dear Friend and I were able to enjoy each others company for a while longer. When we headed back to the house we searched and searched for the missing pup. Child #5 had the great idea to stop and pray and the pup was found in 5 minutes.

After Dear Friend left it was time to make dinner and prepare for the 1 year old foster babe who is staying with us for a week while his foster fam goes on a well deserved vacation. Since I was making dinner I figured I could make deodorant for my husband and all us females. I'm happy to report the spatulas never got put in the wrong pot and the deodorant (and dinner) turned out well. I meant to have everything done on time, but instead of getting to sit down and eat with the whole family I had to help child #4 remember how to be respectful even when he doesn't get what he wants. When I came back up the table looked like it had been ravaged by locusts with french bread crusts and crumbs laying on the table like rubble and pizza fondue droppings here and there. As I tried to scoop a few bites in my mouth Dear Friend #2 arrived with the 1 year old who was...well...less than happy to be here. Foster babe #1 and Foster babe #2 finally settled down and went to bed. I collapsed on the couch to spend some quality time with children #1,2 & 3 but found myself abandoned and watching American Idol and 16 and Pregnant (great show for discussion). At 10:40 I shooed #2 and 3 off to bed and, to my pleasant surprise, child #1 came to do her living room chore without being asked, begged, threatened or bribed!

When Child #1 headed to bed I headed to the kitchen to complete my "province" at a leisurely pace. I made some more cleaner, scrubbed everything down, wiped down the fridge, counter and island until they all smiled back at me. I was on such a role I decided to wash the windows on the french doors. I could clearly see the fingerprints were on the other side of the door, but what I didn't see were a multitude of BUGS! They were clinging to my window plotting how to get in AND I HELPED THEM!!! A big swarm zoomed in before I could close the door and next thing I know I'm playing sniper with window cleaner against these strange looking, loud buzzing, bugs.

But my kitchen is clean! Since I wake up first I'll be able to smile at in the morning before it gets smeared with jam and peanut butter or eggs that accidentally miss the pan. There's just something so satisfying about a clean kitchen:)

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