Monday, May 10, 2010

The Best Momma's Day Ever

It started out like most Sundays do, with Momma waking up 6 children who REALLY don't want to wake up for Church. I pulled off blankets and bounced little people on their beds and grudgingly they rose. My one consolation was the smiling baby who'd been up before anyone else:)

Church was lovely with Walmart donating flowers they'd forgotten in the back fridge and could no longer sell. Each momma at least got flowers. My wonderful husband had to work but for some reason this Sunday that fact made me feel a little pouty. I went to take the baby to her visit with her bio mom and finding the visit canceled went to a store instead to "make my own fun". I ended up purchasing a stove top popcorn popper with a stir handle. Once again I sacrificed my own pleasure to buy something the whole family could enjoy even though I wasn't appreciated. The fact that I like popcorn more than almost any other snack was pure coincidence. Sure my children had plans for something later that evening, but my own husband hadn't even called to wish me a happy Mother's Day! (do you hear violins or is that just me?!)

When I got back home I found my children anxiously awaiting Daddy's return from work. Apparently my 14 year old daughter had concocted a plan to bless me, but at that point I was too busy entertaining my self pity to notice what was really going on. Self pity is a very time consuming guest! Finally my husband arrived at home and that's when the blessings began. My five year old son ran outside to the crab apple tree and picked two giant fist fulls of blossoms. He came in to show me his lovely treasure, which I thanked him for, then proceeded to start tossing the blossoms into the air shouting "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!" over and over. He looked at my astonished face and quickly said "Well, Fr. Andrew did it at Pascha!" and tossed the last petals all over the living room floor.

Next, my lovely daughter had planned for Daddy to take me to the movies and then she and the other children prepared dinner and dessert, set the table with an actual table cloth and lovely fine...uh...styrofoam plates and flowers. We even came home to my eldest daughter washing the dishes. The night finished with my 12 year old daughter preforming interpretive dance to "sad piano music" she'd found on youtube. She was very graceful. I was completely exhausted by the time it was all over and collapsed into bed. I looked at my cell phone and saw there was a text message I'd missed that morning. It was from my wonderful husband! He'd texted, instead of calling, me first thing in the morning so as not to wake the children. "Happy Mother's Day! I appreciate everything you do..." I felt like such a heel! I pulled my undeserving self out of bed and went to my charming, handsome, thoughtful husband and repented.

My family had SO kindly arisen and called me blessed by their acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. Mother's Day isn't about my children or husband remembering me. It isn't about getting flowers or receiving a card or even a night out for "faithful" service. It's a day for me thinking about me...but not in the way you may think. I have to remember why I am so blessed to be a mother. Why I get up early and stay up late trying to accomplish all there is to accomplish for 1 husband, 6 children (plus one foster babe), 22 chickens, 1 cat, 3 dogs, 9 fruit trees and a pitiful struggling little garden. I have to recognize myself God's amazing blessing of children and the high calling of motherhood. Each day I can accept God's grace and mercy in my life and pass that on to my family I am happy turning each day into a Happy Mother's Day!

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